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The pandemic separated them. Five months later they managed to get married

The ceremony was scheduled for May, in Malaysia, but the bride and groom were not only prevented from getting married but from meeting, because one lived in the USA and another in London

Piriyah and Sandeep Krishnan met by chance, through a dating application. She, a lawyer living in the United Kingdom, did not want to have long distance relationships, he, a doctor in transit from India to the USA, where he lives, made a one-hour stopover in London, and decided to turn on the app, which showed him Piriyah.

They fell in love and arranged a wedding, but with the pandemic, not only was the ceremony canceled, but the bride and groom were unable to meet due to air travel restrictions.

Now, five months later, they finally managed to get married – which allowed the lawyer to travel to the United States. And it was in Scotland that they found someone to help them get together. It was on the way back from a medical mission trip to India that British cardiologist Sandeep made a stopover in London.

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