Shinzo Abe's resignation should not affect relationship with Beijing and US

Shinzo Abe’s resignation should not affect relationship with Beijing and US

The Japanese prime minister, in office since 2012, announced his resignation on health grounds, due to an inflammatory bowel disease that had already forced him to step down in 2007.

Despite the uncertainty regarding Shinzo Abe’s successor, the balance between the largest ally, the United States and the largest trading partner, China, will be maintained in the next government.

“I decided to resign as prime minister,” Shinzo Abe said at a press conference on Friday, explaining that he suffered a relapse of his chronic illness, ulcerative colitis.

The intention, which had already been put forward by Japanese media outlets, was confirmed after a meeting with senior officials at party headquarters. “My health conditions are not perfect. Poor health can result in erroneous political decisions, ”said Abe, stressing that,“ in politics, the most important thing is to generate results ”.

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