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Brazilian deputy did not want to divorce “so as not to scandalize God”. She preferred to kill her husband

Expelled from her party, the gospel singer who killed her husband, Anderson, ex-boyfriend of one of her daughters, will know in the next few hours if she will also be invited to leave the evangelical bench, a supraparty parliamentary group that supports Bolsonaro

“Do what? I can’t divorce him because I would scandalize the name of God, ”wrote Flordelis in a cell phone message to a son, as a justification for the decision to kill her husband, according to conversations that the police had access to in the investigation.

The federal deputy of Brazil, who is also a gospel singer and evangelical pastor, is accused of planning the death of Pastor Anderson Carmo, with the connivance of seven of the couple’s 53 children, in June 2019.

To hide the crime, she forged an attempt assault. “When she convinces and talks to another son who is reported, André, about this plan to kill Anderson, she says in the following way‘ do what? I can’t separate from him, because if I wasn’t going to scandalize the name of God ‘, and then he decides to kill, that is, in this crooked logic, murder would scandalize less ”, says Sérgio Pereira, prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro.

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