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3 to 21-year-old Macau students studying at Zhuhai are now offered free testing

According to TDM Radio, Zhuhai Epidemic Prevention and Control Center issued a notice, starting from today(15th), Macau students aged from 3 to 21-year-old studying at Zhuhai, and Zhuhai-Macao border-crossing truck-drivers are now offered free test in Zhuhai, the new regulation is believed to ensure the steadily of the daily supply between two cities and the safety of Chinese truck-drivers. Other people are tested at their own expense.

The announcement also stated that nucleic acid testing recipient can schedule an appointment and check the testing results online through the public Wehchat account of Health, and the testing institution will provide testing services by the order of the online appointment. No testing service will be offer without the online reservation. The Zhuhai Health and Welfare Bureau designated 10 designated sampling and testing institutions to provide free testing serices, including Zhuhai People’s Hospital, Zhuhai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Zhuhai Hospital, Zhuhai Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Zhuhai City Chronic Diseases Attack Center, Zhuhai People’s Hospital Hengqin Hospital, the fifth hospital of Zhongda University, the fifth hospital of Zunyi, Zhuhai Huixin Medical Laboratory, Zhuhai International Travel Health Care Center (Gongbei Customs Port Outpatient Department). , Qualified sampling testing institutions accept nucleic acid testing.

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