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Daniel Green insists he did not kill Michael Jordan’s father

Daniel Green is serving a life sentence for the murder he did not commit. Green was 18 when James Jordan, father of NBA and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, was murdered and continues to argue that he only helped his equally imprisoned friend Larry Demery get rid of the body, since, insists, it was not present at the time that Jordan was killed.It all goes back to August 1993 when Daniel Green, then 18, and his friend Larry Demery, 17, were arrested and charged with the death of James Jordan. Both had a criminal record, and were captured near the area where Jordan was murdered.

Throughout this time, Green maintained the version that he was innocent in the murder charge, while Demery testified that Green was the one who pulled the trigger. Demery also accused his friend of having the idea of ​​approaching the car where James Jordan rested with the sole intention of stealing it, but then fired when the NBA star’s father started to wake up.

Authorities concluded at the time that James Jordan was killed on July 23, 1993. However, he remained missing for a few weeks and his body was found, in an advanced state of composition, stuck with a bullet in the chest 100 kilometers away. the place where it will have been executed.

Green insists he didn’t kill James Jordan

According to the Chicago Tribune, Daniel Green and Larry Demery were at a party the night before Michael Jordan’s father was murdered. Green’s version is that Demery left the party to prepare for a drug-related trip in New York. Green wanted to stay at the party. Demery will have come back to the party later, upset.

“I’ve never seen him like this before,” Green told the Chicago Tribune in 2018. “I’ve seen him in situations where he was upset and in situations where he was scared. But what I saw that day was at a different level, ”he added. Green eventually revealed that Demery was involved in a fight near a hostel and that he ended up shooting the person. He says he just helped his friend get rid of the body.

Try a new trial

According to WRAL.com, Daniel Green has filed several appeals over the past 20 years in an attempt to have his case reviewed. Last January, a court blocked all of these efforts. Green’s lawyer Chris Mumma said Demery told many people in prison that he lied on the dock and revealed that he did not see Green kill James Jordan.

Green told WRAL over the phone that he was not surprised by the latest decision on his case. “I am not surprised, because I am innocent of the crime, but I was convicted,” he said. “I have been fighting for 26 years for a court to review my case. This, in fact, does not serve the interests of the Jordan family. They are being manipulated. I apologize for my role in helping to create this situation.”

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