Início » Floyd Mayweather wants to pay for George Floyd’s three funerals

Floyd Mayweather wants to pay for George Floyd’s three funerals

Former boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to pay for funeral services to be carried out in three US cities in honor of George Floyd, who died last week suffocated by a Minneapolis policeman.

The first funeral services will take place this Thursday in Minneapolis and then his body will go to North Carolina, where he was born. June 9 will finally be buried in Houston, where he was born. There is also the possibility that another memorial service will be held in another city in the USA, but it is not yet decided.

“Here in Minneapolis, there will be a memorial. On Saturday, there will also be a memorial service in North Carolina, where he was born, and on Tuesday, June 9, the funeral in Houston, ”said Ben Crump, family lawyer.

All these funeral services will be supported by Floyd Mayweather Jr., as confirmed by his representative, Leonard Ellerbe. “He will probably be upset with me, but I can confirm that he wants to pay for everything. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has done these kinds of things for the past 20 years, but he never wanted to talk about his actions, ”he said.

It should be noted that George Floyd, 46, died last week after a policeman knelt on his neck for about eight minutes and even under the call of Floyd, who shouted that he could not breathe, the law enforcement officer never released him. The American’s death has sparked several protests in several US cities.

George Floyd’s family is now looking at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s offer, although they haven’t decided yet.

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