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South Korea adopts measures to contain new outbreak

The emergence of new covid-19 infections has led South Korea to take a few steps back and impose restrictions again: museums, parks and art galleries will close again.

South Korea has re-implemented rigorous measures to contain the virus in the capital, Seoul, after the biggest increase in new coronavirus infections in almost two months. The restrictions had been lifted across the country on 6 May. However, on Thursday, the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) registered 79 new infections, 67 of them in the Seoul region – this is the highest number of new infections in 53 days.

In this way, museums, parks and art galleries will close again from Friday for two weeks, announced Health Minister Park Neung-hoo. Businesses are under pressure to reintroduce flexible working hours and Seoul residents have also been advised to avoid social gatherings or go to crowded places, including restaurants and bars. Religious facilities were advised to be more vigilant with quarantine measures.

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