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“There was a violation of the promise that I would have carte blanche,” says Moro

In announcing the resignation request from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Sergio Moro said that President Jair Bolsonaro had violated the promise of carte blanche for the former Lava Jato judge in office. Moro said he left office to “preserve his biography and respect for the rule of law”.

Sergio Moro’s decision came after Bolsonaro insisted on changes in the leadership of the Federal Police, and the minister questioned the president about the reasons for the changes. According to the minister, he warned that the exchanges would be political and the president said that “yes, it is really political”, and he wanted directors and superintendents to be his personal contact.

“The president started to insist on changing the director general of the Federal Police, but I asked for a cause related to error or poor performance. The big problem is that it is not who to put, it is why to change, and to allow interference to be made. within the Federal Police, “said Moro.

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