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Angola’s public television dramatizes Covid-19 pandemic in a series

Written and directed by Henrique Narciso “Dito”, the series, a TPA project, portrays scenes of contamination of the new coronavirus in an urban area of ​​Luanda, then proliferating to suburban and rural neighborhoods.

The first chapter, “Contamination”, portrays an involuntary contagion that begins with a young seller of fresh water, on the streets of Luanda, who contracts the virus from a buyer, then transmitting it to family, neighbors and friends, creating community contagion, to the point of decimating almost the entire population of your neighborhood.

The second episode, entitled “The invisible enemy”, tells the story of a young man who does not obey the precautions to not be infected with Covid 19. In the service the young man disobeys the rules of biosafety, ignoring the use of masks, gloves and disinfection materials, preferring to spend time with colleagues and friends in the neighborhood. The young man reveals total recklessness in the face of the danger of the pandemic, to the point of contaminating his family and close people.

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