Replicating the style of the domestic Powerwall that electrifies the brand's vehicles, the new Tesla wireless Powerbank has just been unveiled. For many people, Tesla is something of a cult company, much like Apple and other technology businesses. This represents an excellent business opportunity, through the merchandising of products associated with company's name and image - something that Tesla has been doing on its official website by offering products such as clothing, fashion accessories, strollers and gadgets. In the latter case, the company has just come up with a new product, a wireless powerbank that replicates [...]


NASA has a whole host of applications for smart phones, some more oriented to more professional areas... and others not so much. The two new applications of the space agency belong in the second group. Applications NASA Selfies and TRAPPIST-1 were launched to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the Spitzer Space Telescope. The first is NASA Selfies and there couldn't be a more obvious name. The application, which is available for iOS and Android, lets you create your own "space self" without leaving Planet Earth. Read also | TESS: The NASA probe that is looking for new planets [...]


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