There is nothing suggesting that the voting, which will take place in the British Parliament in a few days, in order to try to ratify the agreement between London and the "EU 27" for a negotiated exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, will have a favorable result.


"Hi, Zize! Welcome to the second largest economy in Latin America." It was like this, with the informality of the South and outspokenness of the language, that the mayor of São Paulo at that time introduced me to the immense capital of the southern hemisphere, when, almost two decades ago, I landed at Guarulhos airport. "The first is Brazil." Today, after almost two decades, the sensation is the same. The world has changed and technology has transformed everything around us, from the organization of the companies to the way people relate, nevertheless, the southern megalopolis continues to be an extraordinary destination, a babel of experiences and one of the most creative cities in the world. And creativity has never been so important in the design of the future.


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