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Google has an impact of 2.5 billion on Portugal's economy

The Google leader for Portuguese market speaks of "the urgency of creating public friendly digital policies". Google's different products have an impact of 2.5 billion euros on the Portuguese economy, according to a study by BCG consultancy and sponsored by the technological firm. But the value that the Portuguese attribute to the company's products is even greater: in this analysis area, the value of Google results into nine thousand million euros, which in equivalent terms would correspond to the creation of 70 thousand jobs. "We, Google Portugal, are proud to be part of this revolution and to support Portugal [...]



You will be able to wake up to the sound of your favorite Spotify songs

The Google Clock app will have Spotify integration. The feature will also be available for the Free version of the streaming service. Google has announced that its Clock app will have Spotify integration, thus offering Android users a new way to start their day. Once the feature is available, users will be able to set their favorite Spotify song or playlist as their alarm. The new Clock app update will be available to Spotify users even if they only have a free account. Users will be able to choose from classic alarm sounds and find several Spotify options in another tab: [...]



5 Outstanding Museums You Never Thought To Visit

When planning to visit museums, you probably think of the great art galleries or those that are huge successes. There are less traditional and slightly stranger ones. However, all of them deserve a visit. What makes a normal object something really extraordinary? Definitely being put in a museum. When visiting the different cities of the planet there are thousands of museums, all of them with different themes. But some stand out, notoriously, from others. It does not matter if the pieces are strange or, on the contrary, completely normal. They are all a small piece of history with strong connections to the past. The [...]



Ronaldo's designer shows details of the new mansion

Cristiano Ronaldo is already preparing the house where he will live with Georgina Rodríguez and his four children while in Turin, Italy. In order to decorate the room, he called Paula Brito, a Portuguese designer who was a friend of the Aveiro family, and who had already been responsible for the decoration of Ronaldo's home in Spain. Although the destination of Juventus's new number 7 jersey is still uncertain, the decorator revealed some details on Instagram and made a point of identifying Ronaldo and his partner on the photograph (you can see this photo, as well as others of CR7's alleged mansion in Turin,