Hong Kong

"The movement's goal is to resume the original One Country Two Systems"

Simon Shen is a Hong Kong-based international relations scholar, political scientist and public intellectual who has become an influential voice in the community through his academic work and participation in debates, as a newspaper columnist and social media influencer. He has been involved in the 2019 anti-extradition movement campaign both as an analyst ad supporter of the movement"s goals. Shen criticizes the Central Government for deviating from the original One Country Two Systems policy and believes that the passing of the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act is positive for the Special Administrative Region.


Ray Cordeiro

At 95, a Portuguese-descendant is still the King of Radio in Hong Kong

He was born in Hong Kong 95 years ago, and his name is not misleading: Reinaldo Maria Cordeiro is a descendant of Portuguese people from Macau. Better known as Ray Cordeiro or the affectionate name "Uncle Ray", he still animates the radio waves of Hong Kong every night. In 2000, Ray was awarded as the World's Most Durable DJ by the Guinness Book of Records. Twenty years later, he celebrates 70 years of studio and radio. Even today, you can hear him on Hong Kong public radio - RTHK - on the showJust Jazz with Uncle Ray.