The recipe of Portuguese style tuna steak

Portuguese style tuna steak. Ingredients for 4 people: 200 grams of tuna steaks; 4 slices of ham; 4 bay leaves; 4 rolled garlic cloves; 200 grams of white wine; 80 grams of olive oil; 80 grams of butter; 200 grams of ham broth; 4 eggs; 300 grams of sweet potatoes fined with salt as much as it needs 5 peppers as needed Preparation: Roll the sweet potato and fry it. Season with fine salt and freshly ground pepper. Heat the olive oil and seal the tuna steaks seasoned with salt and pepper. Add the garlic and the bay leaf and the butter. Refresh with white wine, add the broth [...]



Braga: A store selling over 40 handmade cheeses has just opened

Blue cheese, gouda, Parmesan, manchego and, of course, Serra da Estrela, are among many other cheeses from Portugal and abroad. Each of them is properly identified with the place of origin, the type of milk used for its manufacture and the cheese factory where it was produced, always using artisanal methods. "It takes more work, but that's what makes it unique," says Ana Rita Lima, who, along with her husband, brother and sister-in-law shaped their taste and curiosity, which grew with each trip they made. "I've always been a cheese lover and [...]