Sustainable diamonds, created in the laboratory or extracted apart from the circuits of exploitation and conflict - the so-called "blood diamonds" - and obeying labor and environmental ethics are gaining more and more supporters. Many celebrities have come forward for this trend that has gained more breath in recent years, with the investment of fashion and beauty industry giants in a strategy of sustainability. This is the case of Swarovski who this year invited Penelope Cruz to create a collection of sustainable jewelry. The Spanish actress revealed this collaboration in May of this year, when she used some [...]


The Portuguese brand Parfois makes this Wednesday, October 24, a first step for the expansion to the United States market. Parfois will be presented today in Brooklyn, New York, as part of the multi-brand store HiO in which you will find products from only nine international brands, in an area of 60 to 70 square meters. In an interview with Lusa, the general director of Parfois, Sérgio Marques, said that this is a response to an invitation from the HiO company, with which he has formed a partnership in which he is "very proud" but does not represent a plan [...]


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