Were you excited about the new iPhone, but still do not know which one to choose? There are differences between models that are important, including the final price. Apple has three new iPhone and two of them are in pre-sale already this Friday. The question that many consumers are asking at the moment is: of the new smartphones of the apple brand, which is the most successful purchase? Before we answer the question, we first need to make a brief summary of the three devices.


Apple has announced a partnership with 10 entities to stimulate the production of clean energy in China. According to the announcement, the fund created could reach 300 million dollars over four years. The China Clean Energy Fund will be managed by the European company DWS Group with a plan to connect energy suppliers in China to renewable energy sources. The idea is to "give participants in this fund the advantage of having a bigger purchasing power and the possibility of getting cleaner energy solutions". Initially, this fund will count with [...]


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