The "tiger" is back. Tiger Woods wins the Masters, 14 years later

At the age of 43, after a long crossing of the desert, the North-American won for the fifth time in his career the famous tournament of Augusta

Fourteen years later, Tiger Woods put on again the green jacket, which is the most desirable prize of any golfer, symbol of winning the main tournament of the annual calendar, the Masters of Augusta.

At age 43, after several setbacks and career polemics over the past decade - from the extra-marital affairs that led to one of the most media covered sports divorce, to various injuries and surgical interventions that left him at risk of not being able to play anymore and having been through a detention for driving under a mixture of drugs and alcohol - Tiger Woods returns to the brighter side of world golf with the achievement of his fifth green jacket at Augusta and the 15th major [major golf tournaments] of his career.

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