Serious accident in the Formula 3 race that crowned Daniel Ticktum

Accident caused five injured.

A serious accident, involving the German pilot Sophia Florsch, forced the suspension of the Formula 3 race after completing two laps. Two pilots, two photographers and a runway commissioner were injured.

The organization, by indication of the International Federation of Automobilism (FIA), has refused to show images of the accidents. However, amateur videos released on social networks, such as the one we have published in the appendix, show Sophia Florsch's single-seat car literally flying over the protections and crashing into the photographers' stand in the curve of the Hotel Lisboa.

The worst is feared, because in the location where the German vehicle fell there were several race commissioners of the Grand Prix de Macau. The organization has already stated that Sophia is out of danger, but it is not known whether any of the commissioners have been hit.

Regarding the race, Daniel Ticktum was the great winner, having renewed the title conquered in 2017. With this victory the British pilot got enough points to enter Formula 1. Second was Joel Eriksson from Sweden and third Sasha Fenestraz from France. European champion Mick Schumacher - son of the legendary Michael Schumacher - was fifth.