Knicks' player misses game for fear of being killed

Turkish player Enes Kanter will miss the match of the New York Knicks against the Washington Wizards in London for fear of reprisals for being against the Erdogan regime

The 26-year-old announced his intention of not appearing at the January 17 encounter on Friday after a 119-112 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. Kanter said he could not travel, as there was "the chance of being killed." "Unfortunately, I'm not going because of that lunatic, the Turkish president," he shot, maintaining the criticism that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the "Hitler of the 19th century."

The club has already reported that Enes Kanter will not travel to London due to visa issues. The Turkish passport was revoked on 2017, when an international arrest warrant was issued, and the basketball player says he would be an "easy" target in London where there are "many spies."

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