The son of the most controversial governor of Venezuela signs for Benfica

Matías Lacava, just 16 years old, is nicknamed after the Venezuelan Messi

Matías Lacava, a young man of just 16 years old, signed for Benfica. The midfielder is seen as one of the greatest promises of Venezuela, where he already has the nickname Messi, but his last name is known for other reasons, namely due to the controversies where his father, Rafael Lacava, Governor of the state of Carabobo, is envolved.

The young man arrives from Lazio, in Italy, where he has played in the last two years. Matías lives in Italy since 2007, when his father was appointed ambassador of Venezuela in that country. And it was at that time that the controversies began with Rafael Lacava, close friend of the Venezuelan leader, Nícolas Maduro, who also belongs to his party (PSUV). According to some media, the leader of the Carabobo state will have received money deposited in banks in Switzerland and Andorra, for having intermediated the construction of a refinery.

Rafael Lacava is considered a trusted man by President Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor, the late Hugo Chávez, and there are even those who say that he can become Maduro's successor in the near future. What is known is that he is the most controversial governor of Venezuela, who has entered the television station Globovision mounted on a donkey, and passionate about football. In fact, Rafael has developed all efforts to provide a career to the highest level to his son, for whom many expect a bright future. Before playing in Lazio, for example, he had already been in Barcelona, between 2013 and 2015, arriving now at Benfica.

Although he has been officialized only yesterday in Benfica, the truth is that the young man has been in Portugal for months. Benfica, however, was waiting for a FIFA decision to confirm the hiring, given that the young man is only 16 years old. Matías is thus in Portugal in the company of the controversial Rafael Lacava, who also chose Benfica for the quality of the team of the Portuguese club.