Varandas: "They think they owe Sporting Lisbon, but they do not and never will"

Sporting Lisbon president Frederico Varandas

Sporting Lisbon president Frederico Varandas

  |  Carlos Manuel Martins / Global Imagens

After Sporting Lisbon's win over Portimonense in Alvalade, Frederico Varandas reacted to the aggressions against board members and promised that "fan groups will never have any privileges again" while he is president.

"Since the Alcochete attack, we have already witnessed the invasion of a garage and of a stand in a sports hall, as well the throwing of rocks that hit and damaged the car of a member of the board of directors. And today, two men and a daughter have been ambushed. About six cowards kicked a man [Miguel Afonso] and a security guard, and spit in the face of a 16-year-old girl. This is what has been going on for over 10 years. An episode like this has led to a president resigning. Interestingly, the president of this fan group [Juve Leo] remains," said Sporting Lisbon's president, adding that no organized fan group will have any privileges for as long as he is in power.

"Curiously enough, I was insulted by this group when we left Portimão as league leaders. On the third matchday. When Sporting Lisbon was the league leader. What has changed? The privileges that these gentlemen do not have and will never again have with this board. And if they think they can threaten us into stepping back... It's easy to step back. When we have a family at home asking us what we are doing here. If it's worth it. But it's worth it, because we love this club. A club they say is theirs but it's not. It belongs to Sporting Lisbon's members. But there will come a time when the board can't be the only one saying no. At stake is Sporting Lisbon's sovereignty. These gentlemen think they owe Sporting, but they do not and never will," he said.

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