Premium The "evidence" against Bruno de Carvalho and Mustafa that the judge ignored

SPORTING It could have been in Alvalade, but there were "a lot of cops": everything that the MP knows

SPORTING It could have been in Alvalade, but there were "a lot of cops": everything that the MP knows about the attack SPORTING Bruno de Carvalho. Arrest and indictment justify expulsion? SPORTING Exclusive videos. The invasion as seen by the security cameras inside the Academy Bruno de Carvalho with Mustafa, leader of Juventude Leonina, in March, 2016, before a game with Estoril

In the indictment, the Public Prosecutor's Office presents the former president of Sporting and the leader of Juventude Leonina as leaders and instigators of the attack on the players.

"Do whatever you want," Bruno de Carvalho said. The Public Prosecutor's Office (MP) requested the detention of Bruno de Carvalho and Nuno Mendes (Mustafa), leader of Juventude Leonina. The criminal investigating judge of Barreiro refused this request because of a lack of strong evidence on the crimes.

But the MP says this request is supported by various attitudes, comments criticizing the players, endorsement of the "escalation of violence," even agreeing with the suggestion of "visiting" Alcochete.

"Do whatever you want," is the trigger-phrase that the MP claims Sporting's former president said in a meeting with Mustafa and other members of Juve Leo. This was at a time when, according to the MP, there was a climate of enormous animosity on the part of the former president of the club (accused of 97 crimes) that was entirely aimed towards the players.

These are the most important of the evidences that the MP has against Bruno de Carvalho:

Escalation of violence

1 - The "escalation of violence was endorsed by Sporting's former president," who maintained several "personal and privileged contacts with the leader of Juve Leo, sometimes in the office of former president Bruno Carvalho himself, particularly in cases in which SCP suffered defeats and the fans protested and demanded concrete actions, namely the removal of players and elements of the technical team;"

2 - In a post on his Facebook account following the defeat with Atletico Madrid on May 5 of this year, Bruno de Carvalho called the team "spoiled brats." He further threatened to suspend all players;

3 - These statements had as their objective "leading the supporters to the practice of violent actions against the players and the technical team," something Bruno de Carvalho "intended to happen, given that there had long been an open conflict" between himself "and some players, namely Rui Patrício, William Carvalho and Acuña;"

4 - Sporting's former president knew that "such comments reinforced the mood of animosity that already existed between, on the one hand, Juve Leo, namely the defendants, and some members of the Casual subgroup, also accused and, on the other hand, the players and the technical team. These comments were made under the pretext of the results of the professional football team;"

Animosity and tension

5 - "Juve Leo's supporters deep animosity and growing tension" led Bruno de Carvalho to organize a meeting with Mustafa on April 7, 2018, at Juve Leo's headquarters. In addition to the two, several of Mustafa's staff members were present. At the meeting, the president's comment on Facebook was discussed. Some supporters, "outraged by the football team's results," suggested a "visit" to the players at the academy in Alcochete. They knew this wasn't allowed to them by the club and coach Jorge Jesus' rules. Thus, the training was performed behind closed doors. On top of this, the atmosphere between Juve Leo and the players advised against any visits to SCP's academy in Alcochete;"

6 - However, Bruno de Carvalho, "well aware that the training took place behind closed doors and that the atmosphere of insults and tension between the president of Juve Leo, Nuno Mendes, his closest staff and the players and elements of the technical team, could only aggravate the club's situation, putting the physical integrity of the players in jeopardy, still gave in to the demands of the defendants, giving strength to the practice of acts that he knew would put the life and the physical integrity of the players in danger, saying to them in relation to the trip to the academy of Alcochete..." Do what you want!";

7 - From that moment, at least 41 supporters (now defendants) "feeling protected and instigated to threaten, to assault and to perform other violent actions by former President Bruno de Carvalho, the accused Nuno Mendes and the accused Bruno Jacinto, grouped together and organized themselves to attack the players;"

8 - Players were summoned to a meeting on May 14, at 6:00 p.m. (the academy invasion happened the next day, the 15th). At that meeting, Bruno de Carvalho addressed the player Acuña and said: "Acuña, why did you do that to Juve Leo's leader? Him of all people. I have a terrible problem, they've been calling me all night, the guys from Juve Leo, saying they want to get you, they wanted your address... I have a tremendous problem, I'm going to try to solve the situation" and added that "he had been receiving calls all night from Juve Leo's members who also wanted to know the players' cars plate numbers." Acuña called "sons of a bitch" to the Juve Leo's members who insulted him after the defeat in Madeira.

Violent action plan

9 - Following these meetings and "permanent disagreements" between Bruno de Carvalho and the football players and members of the respective technical team, the leader of Juve Leo, Nuno Mendes, and former SCP president Bruno de Carvalho convinced the other defendants to carry out a violent action against the players and elements of the technical team of Sporting Clube de Portugal. This action was to take place on May 15, 2018, at SCP's academy in Alcochete;"

10 - As Juve Leo "strengthened itself, increasing its ability to influence other supporters of the Casuals subgroup, and with Bruno Carvalho's full agreement," it becomes increasingly clear the aggressive orientation given to Juve Leo, which was translated into permanent advocacy of violence against players and elements of the technical team, using torches, clubs and bats to encourage anti-player moods;"

11 - The "outlined plan" was intended to "physically harm all players and elements of the technical team, deprive them of freedom, threaten them, as well as destroy their vehicles, which the assailants knew to of high cylinder and expensive." This plan "had long been widespread" by Bruno de Carvalho "through the posts he had published on Facebook and the meetings he had held with Juve Leo's leader, Nuno Mendes, and his staff, as well as with players and team members;"

12 - Thus, Bruno de Carvalho "convinced Juve Leo to practice violent acts against the players, coach and other elements of the technical team;"

13 - The 41 defendants who went to the academy of Alcochete as a group "acted with the purpose of physically harming the victims, something they did, provoking fear and concern for their physical integrity, such as was their intention, and, while they remained there, they wanted to deprive the victims of freedom, preventing them from moving or fleeing, they were also successful at this;"

14 - These acts were executed "in accordance with the directives" given by Bruno de Carvalho, Nuno Mendes and Bruno Jacinto, who convinced them to practice these acts."

For the MP this description supports the accusation it made against Bruno de Carvalho, for the practice of 40 aggravated criminal threat crimes, 19 crimes of qualified physical integrity offense, 38 crimes of kidnapping - crimes classified as terrorism.

SPORTING punches, kicks, belts, and a 25-liter water bottle. Who and how were the players beaten?

The "evidence" against Mustafa

Several of the evidence described by the MP coincides with that of Bruno de Carvalho, mentioned above.

1 - Since taking over the leadership of Juve Leo, Nuno Mendes "had become the institutional support that SCP's most radical group of supporters decided to use to continue the criminal activities which they proposed to take part in, and which resulted in the practice of aggression and other violent actions, in particular in the launching of torches during games, assaults on rival supporters and elements of the security forces;"

2 - Led by Nuno Mendes, "all the defendants" had "the purpose of carrying out violent actions against an indeterminate number of rival clubs' supporters, usually in public, provoking urban guerrilla situations, that is, group attacks, thus creating a climate of terror and panic in game days, a practice also defended, executed and planned beforehand between Juve Leo and the Casuals subgroup;

Defamation against players

3 - Nuno Mendes and all his staff began a campaign of defamation against the players, uttering insulting phrases during the games and throughout the club, demanding to former president Bruno de Carvalho an urgent meeting with the intention of kicking some players out;

4 - Nuno Mendes "fostered" a climate of "deep animosity and growing tension among Juve Leo supporters by using the club's results and former president Bruno de Carvalho's publications";

5 - In a meeting between the players and the then president of SCP, William de Carvalho confronted him "with the fact that he had sent Juve Leo's leader, Nuno Mendes, to wreck the players vehicles." Bruno de Carvalho calls Mustafa and, with the phone on loud speaker, asks him in front of everyone present: "Mustafa, tell Williamzinho if I ever told you to break the players' cars or beat someone," to which this one "as expected, answered negatively;"

Power to grow

6 - The relationship with Bruno de Carvalho "increased the power" of Mustafa, who made "all decisions," namely for the use of pyrotechnic material, as described in a conversation between the defendants. "I'll see what Musta says," said one of the defendants about the dozens of torches that would be used in the match between Sporting Clube de Portugal and Futebol Clube do Porto, on April 18, 2018;

7 - "Made to feel safe about threatening, harming and performing other violent actions by former President Bruno de Carvalho, defendant Nuno Mendes and defendant Bruno Jacinto," the defendants "grouped together and organized themselves to perform such actions against the players;"

8 - This was how, prior to May 5, 2018, under the orders of Nuno Mendes, some of the defendants acquired an indeterminate number of torches that were transported to Juve Leo's headquarters, "with the purpose of using them as a throwing weapon and a way to harm the players";

Torches against Patrício

9 - The torches were hidden at the headquarters and then placed under the benches of the sector of the stadium attributed to Juve Leo;

10 - On May 5, 2018, at the start of the match between Sporting and Benfica, held at Estádio José de Alvalade in Lisbon, Juve Leo supporters, including some of the defendants, "under the direct guidance" of Nuno Mendes, "covered themselves with the main cheer-leading flag and placed balaclavas and collars on their heads so as not to be identified." After Mustafa had gone to the place where Bruno de Carvalho was, he "with the president's permission, ordered that an unknown number (at least a dozen) torches be thrown at goalkeeper Rui Patrício, with the purpose of assaulting the player in various areas of the body, preventing him from continuing on the field and defending the goal;"

11 - Nuno Mendes was part of a WhatsApp group where several of the accused threatened and suggested violence against the players. After the defeat in Madeira on May 14, Mustafa spoke with Bruno Jacinto and Fernando Mendes, telling them: "I already spoke with the president and he told me 'this time do whatever you want to the players'" and that the president had reported that "Jorge Jesus was no longer SCP's coach;"

12 - Following the disagreements, Nuno Mendes and Bruno de Carvalho "deliberated that the other defendants took violent action against the players and elements of the technical staff of Sporting Clube de Portugal, on May 15, 2018, at SCP's academy in Alcochete;"

13 - Mustafa and members of his staff "intended the aforementioned behaviors to create, as they did, an environment of a deep hostility towards the players and members of the technical team, and to persuade, as they persuaded, both Juve Leo's members and the former club president, Bruno de Carvalho, to take drastic measures against players and elements of the technical team in order to remove them from the club;"

14 - "In pursuance of such design," Mustafa and the other elements of his staff decided to carry out an attack on the players and elements of the technical team, at SCP's academy;

15 - To travel to the academy, four of the defendants used a Juve Leo van, with permission from Mustafa;

16 - Nuno Mendes did nothing "to prevent the practice of the violent acts against the victims, in fact, during the meetings in which he was present, he criticized the players, fomenting the climate of violence against them, that was taking root in the heart of Juve Leo and in the Casuals subgroup;"

The drugs

17 - On November 11, as part of the search at Juve Leo's headquarters (known as Casinha), about 16 grams of cocaine (a large enough quantity to be considered trafficking) were found inside a glass jar with rice on a division that only Mustafa and his wife had access to;

18 - At HQ hashish was also seized, "which was thrown to the ground by several unidentified individuals."

Nuno Mendes is indicted for the same crimes as Bruno de Carvalho, but with drug trafficking on the midst.

Both were charged with the same crimes as the defendants who are in pre-trial detention, but the criminal investigating judge decided to apply other coercive measures to them: daily appearances at the police station, in their area of residence and 70,000 euros in bail.

In spite of having asked the court that they also be kept in custody, the MP steps back in the indictment and asks that they "wait the further terms of the proceedings in the situation in which they currently are."