Portuguese tax authorities requested information from Football Leaks

Rui Pinto with his French lawyer William Bourdon and his Hungarian lawyers

As early as 2016, tax authorities wanted to know if Portuguese clubs and players had incurred in tax evasion

Rui Pinto's lawyers are "carefully" studying the possibility of collaborating with Portuguese investigations. Portuguese tax authorities contacted the lawyers of the creators of Football Leaks, back in 2016, to find out if football players and agents in Portugal had incurred in tax evasion. Football Leaks had just released the first batches of information and, in Portugal, Sporting Lisbon was waging a battle against international players agency Doyen.

Now that it is known that Rui Pinto was the main informant in the process - as confirmed by his lawyer to DN last week -, Portuguese tax authorities want to see the documents that were stolen by the Hungary-based hacker.

In a late 2016 email seen by DN, the Fraud and Special Investigations Department says it is concerned about player transfers and Portuguese clubs and states that it is "committed to determining the actual fiscal situation of these organizations, which may be harming the state."

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