Pelé is discharged and leaves hospital five days after hospitalization in Paris

Pelé shooting an ad in Paris on April 2 before being hospitalized due to a urinary infection

Recovered from a urinary tract infection, Pelé was discharged on Monday from the hospital where he had been admitted in Paris and will fly to Brazil in the next few hours. The 78-year-old former player's condition had been improving since his hospitalization on Wednesday.

The problem with the King of Football began with a fever during an event with PSG and team France striker Kylian Mbappé on Tuesday. After several exams, a urinary tract infection was diagnosed - the same one that affected Pelé back in 2014.

Pelé was admitted to the American Hospital in Paris the next day and, having steadily improved, underwent new exams on Saturday, which showed that his health problem was under control and the infection virtually extinct. Despite that, he continued under observation, as the case required more care than usual.

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