Paula Leça is one of the employees who gave hamburgers to CR7

Paula Leça is one of the employees who gave hamburgers to CR7

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Portuguese player asked for help finding the women who fed him at McDonald's

Cristiano Ronaldo revealed in an interview with British television ITV that he had some difficulties when he started playing in Sporting, having even asked for food at McDonald's, confirming that some employees of the establishment helped him. In addition to revealing this story, the Portuguese international asked for help finding these same people and Rádio Renascença found one of these women, Paula Leça, who confirmed the story.

"They appeared in front of the kiosk, as if they were not interested, and when there were too many hamburgers, our manager gave us permission to offer them. One of these people was Cristiano Ronaldo, who happened to be the shyest. This was how it happened almost every night of the week. Ronaldo shy? "Yes, at the time. It was not always him who asked, he even stayed behind," recalls Paula Leça, for whom the fact that it is now Cristiano Ronaldo himself making the story public makes her smile and takes her on a "time travel," Paula said, noting that she is available to have dinner with CR7, who revealed he wanted to "repay" the gesture of the employees.

"I'm still thinking it's funny. I had already told my son... he thought it was a lie, because his mother could never have given Cristiano Ronaldo a hamburger. My husband already knew, he went to pick me up at night sometimes and also saw it. It's funny to look back in time... It shows his humility. The only thing missing is the dinner? (laughs) 'OK', if you happens, it happens. At least people know that this was not an invention. If the invitation comes, I'll be there for sure. The first thing will be to say thank you and, at dinner, we will have time to remember the past."