Neymar interview with Brazilian television was stolen

Neymar interview with Brazilian television was stolen

EPA/Fernando Bizerra Jr.

The interview with the Brazilian player was creating great expectations even for the uncertainty surrounding his future. But it was stolen from the reporters' car and has not yet appeared.

The interview with Neymar that was supposed to happen this Monday on Brazilian television was not aired because... it was stolen. According to UOL Esporte, the media in charge of the broadcast through the television channel Band, the recording and all the material was stolen from the car of one of the journalists.

The interview with Neymar was scheduled to go on air last Saturday, but was postponed to Monday. Now the reason for this change is clear because there was hope that, in the meantime, the materials would be returned, something that did not happen. The interview, it is recalled, was creating a huge expectation in Brazil, not only for the controversy surrounding the accusation of rape, but also for the open war between the Brazilian player and PSG.

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