Nani returns to his roots to play in Santiago and São Vicente

Nani returns to his roots to play in Santiago and São Vicente


Footballer Nani will visit Cape Verde in November to play two charity matches, the Portuguese international player announced today.

"I'm very happy to announce the event I will be holding in Cape Verde next month," Nani posted on his Facebook account, along with a poster mentioning he will be in the country on November 2-9.

The Cape Verdean-descended player said the first match will be held on November 3 on Santiago island, against Sporting da Praia, while the second will take place four days later, on São Vicente island, against Mindelense.

The event is sponsored by Nani's current club (Orlando City, US), the Government of Cape Verde, Sporting Lisbon, Sporting da Praia, Mindelense de São Vicente, and several Cape Verdean companies.

Speaking to Lusa news agency, Cape Verdean Sports Ministry official Ivanilda Reis said Nani will form a team with players living in the country to play against Sporting da Praia and Mindelense.

Reis further said the Portuguese international decided to hold the matches in Cape Verde in order to promote the country and its sports. Students, children and teenagers will also be involved.

Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha, better known as Nani, was born in Portugal to Cape Verdean emigrants.

He has played for Sporting Lisbon (Portugal), Manchester United (England), Valencia (Spain), Fenerbahçe (Turkey), Lazio (Italy) and is currently in Orlando City (US).