Juventus have already devalued 25% since Ronaldo's accusation

Juventus's shares have continued to fall since North American Katryn Mayorga accused Cristiano Ronaldo of alleged rape. In the last four days only, the Turin club lost 25% of its value on the stock market - about 6% since the start of this week - after in September 19, with Ronaldo scoring goals and Juventus adding victory after victory, has reached a historical high of 1,672 euros per share.

Cristiano Ronaldo has received the support of Juventus since he become the topic of every conversation for the worst reasons, with the Italian club protecting its millionaire investment (117 million euros in total) to get the Portuguese player from Real Madrid. And if regarding sport results the bet is paying off - Juve have won their eight Series A games and went on to win in the Champions League, despite CR7 being expelled in the match against Valencia -, the truth is that the value of the society is plummeting since the scandal of the alleged rape broke out.

After losing 4% on Monday, Juventus shares tumbled further on Tuesday (1.89%). In all, the society that manages the Old Lady's football has devalued 25% in the last four days. But it's not only the prosecution of CR7 that is harming Juve. Also the announced departure of Giuseppe Marotta, one of the top executives, is affecting the shares of the Turin club.

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