Jorge Jesus is Vieira's only option to replace Rui Vitoria

Former coach is aware of the will of the Benfica's president

Rui Vitória will still have some time to convince the most skeptical in his continuity as the head of the technical staff of Benfica, but the truth is that his exit is already equationated within the club. As Plataforma revealed, at the moment, only Luís Filipe Vieira holds the coach in the position, however, the leader of the eagles must also think about the team in the long-term and, according to information gathered, the return of Jorge Jesus is not to be discarded.

After four games without tasting victory-three defeats and a draw-unconvincing performances, and with decisions considered dubious within Benfica's structure, Rui Vitória's continuity has been discussed within walls. Luís Filipe Vieira's word counts the most and that is why the Portuguese coach continues to be the leader of the team. The president has not yet given up on his trust in the two-time champion.

However, in light of the current situation, four points behind the leader FC Porto in the championship, and with their continuity in the Champions League at risk, Luís Filipe Vieira also thinks about the future of the eagles. And he also thinks so, because, knowing Rui Vitoria, he knows that the coach can make his place available if the results do not improve. And if he does, and given the internal pressure, the president of Benfica will hardly be able to keep him.

In this sense, Plataforma knows that the name that most pleases Luís Filipe Vieira is that of Jorge Jesus, who left Luz three seasons ago. And Jorge Jesus knows it too. Internally, there are also those who don't want to see the return of Jorge Jesus and they will do everything so that this doesn't happen - yet another potential obstacle that Luís Filipe Vieira will have to overcome. In any case, the last word belongs to him. It is a delicate subject in the "Luz" and, although it is up to him to decide, Vieira will have to convince at least some of those who twist their noses at the return of Jesus.

The operation, if the exit of Rui Vitória in the short term is confirmed, will be complex. Jorge Jesus is hitting all the records in Saudi Arabia, at the service of Al-Hilal, and has a contract valid until 2020. If he leaves, he will have to repay all the salaries he has already received and still indemnify the Eastern emblem in another year of contract. His salary is in the order of 8 million Euros per season.

Luís Filipe Vieira already knows that Jorge Jesus is willing to return to Benfica and is handling this matter with extreme care. For now, the president still wants to give Rui Vitória a final chance, but in case the parties end up separating, Jorge Jesus is the only option of Luís Filipe Vieira. Plataforma knows that, if that is not possible this season, Vieira admits waiting for the next one, hiring another coach by the end of the year. This, of course, if Rui Vitória does not make a 180 degree turn of the current situation.

The match with Tondela, this weekend, will thus be a test for the current coach of Benfica. If they fail to win, Rui Vitoria will hardly remain at the command of the team. And the next minute, Luís Filipe Vieira will continue with his efforts to work out the return of Jorge Jesus to Luz.

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