International press and team-mates rendered to João Félix

International press and team-mates rendered to João Félix

Gustavo Bom / Global Imagens

Sports newspapers highlight Benfica's striker's hat trick with Eintracht Frankfurt on Thursday and his team-mates congratulated him on Instagram.

The international press and John Félix's team-mates have surrendered to Benfica young striker's performance this Thursday against Eintracht Frankfurt, in a 4-2 win at which the three-goal contender made, in the three first hand of the Europa League quarter-finals.

"This was the recital of 19-year-old João Félix: hat trick, head assist, penalty goal..." This was the title chosen by the website of the Spanish sports daily Marca for an article where you can see the summary of the exhibition of the under-21Portuguese international. "João Félix throws Portugal at his feet" is the title of another article, where a press review is made by the covers of the Portuguese sports newspapers.

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