Premium Zivkovic and Cervi to negotiate at the end of the season

epa06933933 Benfica's player Franco Cervi celebrated after scoring against Fenerbahce during their Uefa Champions League third qualifying round first leg soccer match, played tonight at the Luz stadium in Lisbon, Portugal, 07th August 2018. EPA/MANUEL DE ALMEIDA

Cervi to sell and Serbian to lend

Zivkovic and Cervi aren't standing out this season at the service of Benfica, and since Bruno Lage has taken the lead of the red team the importance of the players in the team has decreased. The decision was being thought out for some time now, and with the current scenario the SAD (Plataforma knows), is determined to negotiate the two wingers at the end of the season.

The situation is well thought out, but of course, it may change until the end of the season, especially if interesting proposals are made to other members of the squad. However, for the time being, it is Zivkovic and Cervi who have a foot out of Benfica. With Rafa Silva taking the left side of the attack and with the arrival of Caio Lucas and the ascent of Jota and Willock from the B team, next season, there will be even less space for the Serb and the Argentine.

However, the two are in different situations. If in the case of Cervi, 24, the current technical structure thinks that Rafa offers better conditions at the moment and sees in the Argentinian as a case for financial profitability, even because he has market value. Zivkovic's case is quite different.

The Serbian international, who is only 22 years old, has arrived in 2016 with the title of U-20 world champion and the label of the biggest promise in Servian football. He has had many opportunities, in these three seasons he also had many good moments, but in Benfica, since the time of Rui Vitoria, they think that Zivkovic's effort, especially in training, should be much greater. When Bruno Lage took over the team earlier this year, Zivkovic was a regular starter but since then, and after eight games, he has just added 190 minutes and has not entered the last two calls.

The SAD, however, has not yet given up on Zivkovic, they still think that he can have a successful career. In this regard, and even because not being a regular option in the team can hardly monetize him financially, the loan option is, at the moment, the solution to be considered. However, they do not want to make the same mistake they made with another Serbian, Luka Jovic, who went to Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany, two years ago, with a purchase option of just ten million euros. The striker had success in the Bundesliga and now Barcelona wants him, offering 40 million to the German club.

With Zivkovic the strategy will be different. If the exit happens through a loan, the idea is to go through a loan with no purchase option or one with a very high figure, and in this case the SAD admits to make compromises in the amount of the loan or even regarding the salaries.

This is the idea that the SAD has at the moment for the two players. Cervi to sell because it has market value and, at this time, no place in the squad, and Zivkovic to loan and value. However, everything can change. Rafa is having the best season at the service of Benfica and even at the times where he played for Sp. Braga, he had international clubs interested in his services and, at a moment's notice, proposals may arrive that would financially compensate more than the sale of Cervi. In Zivkovic's case, only a change of attitude could be the solution, even because the club is not inclined to let many players leave at the end of this season.