Ronaldo confesses. Business, pressure, envy and not being a quack

Portuguese forward gave an extensive interview to the newspaper El País where he talks about football and also about his private life. " People confuse not having problems with having money and success, "he says, among other revelations.

In an interview with ICON, of the newspaperEl País , Cristiano Ronaldo reviewed some current issues. He talked about football, but also about his private sphere, explaining for example the reason why he opened a hair clinic in central Madrid when he is currently based in Turin and plays for Juventus.

"My family is from here, they were born here and I was nine years in Madrid. Besides, the Spanish have always treated me well. I wanted to give them jobs, regardless of having had problems with the treasury, something that I can not forget or hide, because my life is an open book. I know people here love me, they know everything I gave for Real Madrid. Sometimes in the street they say to me: 'Cris, return home, this house is always yours'. "I like to hear that", he said.

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