River Plate refuses to play the Libertadores final in Madrid.

Game was postponed on November 24h, due to an attack on the Boca Juniors bus

In a press release, the club explained that it considers that the change of the stadium harms those who have already acquired their tickets and the equality of conditions, since the first part of the game was held at the Boca stadium in front of its supporters The game was scheduled for December 9

In a statement posted on its official website, River Plate explained that "thousands of supporters and members made a huge economic effort to buy tickets for the match" which was initially scheduled for November 24, in Buenos Aires, and that such an option goes against "equality of conditions" with the Boca Juniors.

In the statement, River listed other reasons explaining the decision to refuse to appear at the Bernabeu, referring to the fact that the "highest authorities of the State" have assumed the blame for the incident that delayed the second hand of the final, when River supporters attacked the bus where the Boca players were, which "is equivalent to saying that what happened, which the River Plate regrets, was not the club's responsibility."

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