Mozambique will "enter the field to win"

Abel Xavier

Mozambique national team coach, Abel Xavier, said his team will enter the field on Saturday against Guiné-Bissau to win.

"Obviously, Zainadine is the leader of our group. It is a forced absence, but I am confident because I have other players," Abel Xavier told reporters moments after the plane carrying the Mozambican national team had landed at Osvaldo Vieira airport in Bissau.

The Mozambican national team plays in Guinea-Bissau on Saturday in the final round of Group K qualifying for the African Nations Cup, which runs from June 21 to July 19 in Egypt.

"We will enter the field with an extremely strong and competitive team", said the former Portuguese international, who has been leading the "Mambas" since 2016.

Group K qualifying for the Nations Cup is led by Guiné-Bissau with eight points, followed by Namibia with the same score, Mozambique with seven and Zambia with four.

In Saturday's game, Guinea-Bissau only needs a draw to secure the qualification for the African Cup of Nations for the second time. The first time was in 2017.

Mozambique needs to beat Guinea Bissau to make it through.

"We are convinced that we are a strong team, a team that Guinea Bissau respects and a team that has grown. It is a decisive game, perhaps more for us, because there is a favorable result for Guinea-Bissau, but no player and coach enters a game of this nature unless it is to win," said Abel Xavier.

Saturday's game will take place at the National Stadium 24 de Setembro at 4:30 pm (same time in Lisbon).