Premium Mourinho gives Manchester United a discount to be able to sign for another club as soon as possible.

British club saved over five million euros

Jose Mourinho can now sign for another club, after being fired from Manchester United on December 18th. He is able to do this because he gave the red devils a discount on the settlement they had to pay for breach of contract, a decision made by the Portuguese coach, so that he could take over another team as soon as possible.

Manchester United never questioned the full payment of the amounts that Jose Mourinho was owed, in the order of 21 million euros, but also demanded that the Portuguese coach did not accept any other proposal until the end of the season. José Mourinho, however, rejected that possibility, but to do so, he had to give the red devils a discount on the settlement amount, in the order of 5 million euros, according to what Plataforma heard from a source close to the Portuguese coach.

At the end of the day, the Portuguese coach took home a check for 16 million euros, thus saving Manchester United five million euros and a few more in taxes.

This was an agreement accepted by both parties, which makes it possible for José Mourinho to start a new adventure in a club of his choosing, but for the moment the Portuguese coach prefers to rest a little more, having, however, already received a few offers.