Mourinho and still Manchester United: "I just want to say two things..."

Mourinho gave L'Équipe an interview

In an extensive interview with L'Équipe, the Portuguese coach spoke again about the departure from the English club, but preferred to be concise.

Pogba "was not the only responsible" for the departure of José Mourinho of Manchester United in the middle of last December. The guarantee is left by the Portuguese coach, who, in an interview with L'Équipe, chose not to dwell on comments about the "red devil"club.

"I just want to say two things. One of them is that time has spoken. The second is that the problems are still there. You can say it is the players, the organization, the ambition... I just cannot say 'yes' when I'm asked if Paul [Pogba] was the only one responsible," said the Special One, who answered as follows when asked about the elimination of the French PSG against United in the Champions League:

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