Premium Lage will earn three times more and gets a millionaire clause

Bruno Lage

New contract worth 500 thousand euros for the coach who has been charming the Benfica structure and whoever wants to hire before 2023 will have to pay a clause of more than 15 million euros.

Bruno Lage has a new contract in Benfica, valid until 2023. The recent performances of the team and its leadership convinced the management of Benfica, which offered a salary review. In the B team, which he coached previously, he already had a connection with the club for another four years. And, the truth is that the coach will receive the triple of what he received up to now.

In his previous contract, Bruno Lage took home a little over 150 thousand euros per season, and now the new contract stipulates a salary of 500 thousand, that is, three times more, according to Plataforma.

But this is not the only novelty in the coach's contract. Other amounts can be added to this, especially regarding prizes, such as winning the championship or winning other competitions. And these prizes, they say, are already in force this season. Another foreseeable situation are the wage revisions (increases) for the achievement of certain objectives.

Confident of a bright future for the coach, Benfica also decided to take precaution against future proposals for Bruno Lage by stipulating a termination clause that could ascend to €15 million. It is worth mentioning, that the coach is also managed by Jorge Mendes, considered to be the most influential in the world, managing Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho among others.