"I'll have the coach issue decided by next week"

SL Benfica President Luís Filipe Vieira spoke about current issues involving the 'Reds' in a special interview with SIC - such as Rui Vitória's successor - and confirmed Plataforma's first- hand news regarding the resignation of the former coach. Vieira refused to confirm some of the possible coaches that have been mentioned by the press and also declined to discuss the continuity of interim coach Bruno Lage, saying that there will be news next week.

"Rui... people will miss him at some point. It was very easy, he wanted to leave. He thought it was the best solution. He left in a very peaceful way. I'll have the coach issue decided by next week," Vieira said, adding that the 'Eagles' have enough money to sign José Mourinho, whose name has been repeatedly mentioned by the press as a possible solution for SL Benfica. "Money is not a problem for Benfica right now. That can always be solved. Who wouldn't like to have Mourinho? If he says yes, he will come right away," Vieira said.

As for the return of Jorge Jesus - Vieira's favorite solution -, the SL Benfica president refused to comment. "He's my friend. Is he a possibility? Right now, the only possibility is Bruno Lage," Vieira said, adding that he was disappointed with the attitude of some supporters.

"Yesterday, some supporters sang my name in a way they shouldn't have. I must say it hurt me. I don't have to prove anyone the work we've done. This was a house that didn't exist, and now it's a whole world. It was a house that didn't pay anyone, with payment delays of up to nine months. Now we have a structure, and it is paid for."