Guinea-Bissau Federation accuses players of sabotaging games

National team coach Baciro Candé and team captain Zezinho at the press conference before the match with Cameroon

The Guinean Football Federation's communication adviser, Edgar Pires, has accused some players of sabotaging the national team's performance during the African Cup of Nations, which is taking place in Egypt.

Pires said that midfielders Zezinho (national team captain) and Pele, striker Toni Sá Brito, keeper Jonas Mendes and defender Juari Soares are the culprits of the alleged sabotage against the 'Djurtus'.

According to the communication adviser of Guinea Bissau's Football Federation, these players refused to train and, in some cases, tried to persuade other players to follow their example - which, he said, hindered the team's preparation for the matches.

"On the eve of the games, the national team was not able to train; sometimes, [players] would have a light training session only on the day of the game," said Pires, who also hosts a sports radio show in Bissau.

Edgar Pires said that in Guinea-Bissau's opening game against Cameroon, which the 'Djurtus' lost 2-0, those players even tried to persuade their colleagues not to play.

"It is time to oust these players from the national team, as they are creating a bad atmosphere," said Pires, who hopes the authorities will punish them.

With only one point - after a goalless draw against Benin and two 2-0 losses against Cameroon and Ghana - Guinea-Bissau failed to reach the second round of the African Nations Cup (CAN).

In an interview held in Egypt, Guinea-Bissau's federation president Manuel Lopes said that there will be "wide-ranging changes" in the national team and thanked the contribution of some players who helped Guinea-Bissau reach the tournament for the second time in a row.