Frederico Varandas: "It's guaranteed that Bruno Fernandes will not leave for 35 million euros"

Sporting's president spoke about the present state of the team on Sporting TV.

Frederico Varandas gave an interview to Sporting TV where he addressed the situation of Bruno Fernandes in the club and a possible exit. "Bruno Fernandes looks like a summer novel," Sporting's president started by saying, proceeding to state that he is prepared for any scenario regarding the captain's stay or departure.

"We are ready for the market, but that does not mean selling Bruno Fernandes, Acuña or Battaglia. We understand that Bruno Fernandes has a lot of opportunities in the market, but that does not mean that he will leave. Nor will it be a drama if he leaves. Sporting is prepared for Bruno Fernandes to stay, this is plan A. But if Bruno Fernandes leaves, we have a plan B, prepared to attack the market. I do not like surprises in life and so we are prepared for several scenarios," explained Varandas.

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