FIFA president allegedly covered financial doping of PSG and Man. City

Gianni Infantino suspected of having helped cover up«'321l01nblegalities at UEFA8

Newspapers Der Spiegel and Mediapart had access to compromising documents obtained by Football Leaks

According to information obtained by the platform that has exposed several cases in worldwide football in the last two years - among them the violation charges on Cristiano Ronaldo -, the FIFA's current president Gianni Infantino may have helped to cover up breaches of financial fairplay rules by Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City, two clubs controlled by Arab millionaires.

The documents obtained by Football Leaks and provided to a European research consortium of various media organizations, including German Der Spiegel and French Mediapart, show that the two clubs in question allegedly benefited from financial doping thanks to the actions of Michel Platini, the former president of the European body, and Infantino, then Secretary General, who supposedly have systematically helped PSG and Manchester City avoid sanctions.

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