"Chinese owner blocked the deal we had with Cristiano Ronaldo"

Cristiano Ronaldo

Massimiliano Mirabelli says that Milan had everything ready to hire the Portuguese player.

With Cristiano Ronaldo standing out in Juventus, in the Italian league and in the Champions League, the former Milan sports director revealed that the Portuguese could, after all, have gone to another club in Italy. "We had the operation in mind and we spoke with Jorge Mendes. We knew we could face problems with Real Madrid. We talked about the contract and we said it all, but then the Chinese owner blocked the deal because it was not sustainable. With the current owners, Cristiano Ronaldo would be a Rossoneri," says Massimiliano Mirabelli.

Milan is currently managed by the US fund "Elliott Management" after former owner, Li Yonghong from China, failed to repay the 300 million Euro loan he had taken to buy the Italian club, the fund took possession of the historic emblem.

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