Cape Verde loses and is almost out of the Cup

Rui Águas guides the national team from Cape Verde

The Cape Verdean national team, coached by Portugal's Rui Águas, lost 1-0 at Uganda's ground.

The Cape Verdean national team lost 1-0 on Saturday to Uganda, further complicating the qualification for the African Cup of Nations (CAN) of 2019, an event in which the Ugandans assured their presence.

Cape Verde, coached by the Portuguese Rui Águas, entered the fifth and penultimate round in third place in group L with four points, and only the victory mattered in order to continue in the fight for the qualification.

After a draw in the first half and with few chances on each side, Uganda scored the only goal of the game in the 78th minute by Patrick Henry.

With this result, the Ugandans celebrated the qualification for the CAN2019, and have already secured the first place in the group, now with 13 points, while Cape Verde practically said goodbye and will need a 'miracle' to qualify.