Gelson yields 20 million euros and one player to Sporting



Frederico Varanda's trip last week to Madrid established a platform of understanding with Atletico.

Frederico Varandas' trip to Madrid this week allowed Sporting's president and Atletico Madrid's officials to reach an understanding around Gelson Martins, a Portuguese international winger who rescinded the contract with Sporting, claiming just cause - following the May attack on the Academy in Alcochete - joining the Spanish team as a free player. This negotiation basis foresees a payment of 20 million euros and the yielding, it seems in a definite way, of an athlete (see below), whose value will be around five million euros.

Both clubs will continue the talks, because the willingness and demands of the athlete to enter the equation give a dose of uncertainty to the negotiations, and Atletico Madrid intends to close this process in the next two months, not wishing it to go on forever in legal terms. That's because there is also another operation on the table: the definitive transfer of Gelson from Atletico Madrid to Monaco, to which he will be loaned.

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