Galácticos ended relations with Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos

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Former player revealed that in his Real Madrid days both he and other former team mates ruled the dressing room and not the coaches

Former Real Madrid player Roberto Carlos recently gave an interview to former Portuguese goalkeeper Vítor Baía, where he revealed that in the days of the galácticos it was them who were in charge of the dressing room and that if the coaches did not understand their behaviour it would be them who would be unemployed, giving examples of Camacho and Vanderlei Luxembourg. Galáticos such as Figo, Raúl, Zidane, Hierro or Beckham did not like these claims. Some of them, in fact, have even ended relations with the layer, according to La Razon newspaper.

In an interview with Canal 11 of the Portuguese Football Federation, Roberto Carlos told some of the habits of the galactic, such as drinking beer or wine, traveling after games for advertising commitments or leisure activities, causing some training to be canceled, among other episodes. All this did not please then the galácticos, who have already made it known to Roberto Carlos. Some, however, did not even want to hear excuses from the former footballer, terminating relations with the Brazilian.