From the spanking to the condom: what Neymar told the police

After denying again the rape case in which he was involved, Neymar thanked the support he has received and was confident that the truth will come to the fore.

"Truth appears sooner or later. The only wish I have now is for the case to end as quickly as possible", said the Paris Saint-Germain player on Thursday, at the outside of a police station in São Paulo dedicated to the investigation of sexual crimes, where he was for three hours testifying on the charge of rape and assault to the model Najila Trindade in Paris. Speaking to reporters, the Brazilian footballer thanked the "support and affection of everyone".

The researcher who heard Neymar presented the player with the conclusions drawn by the Legal Medical Institute from the private medical report that the complainant submitted to the police. The expert did not prove if there was rape but validated the injuries in the body of Najila, making them compatible with the date of the trip to Paris.

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