Flamengo wants to convince Jesus with the highest salary in Brazil

"Our idea of game empowers creative players," highlights the Portuguese coach

"Our idea of game empowers creative players," highlights the Portuguese coach

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If the Portuguese coach accepts, he will overtake Daniel Alves as the highest paid

Flamengo is willing to do almost anything to hold Jorge Jesus beyond December, when the coach will be able to leave at zero cost. And "almost everything" means making the coach the highest paid of Brasileirão.

Currently the Portuguese coach, who arrived at Flamengo in June, has an annual salary of 3.7 million euros and, according to information given to Plataforma by a source close to the coach, the Rio de Janeiro club's management is willing to raise values to close to five million - the highest paid in Brazil today is full-back Daniel Alves from São Paulo, who takes home just over 4 million a year.

First of all, there are no talks between the coach and the management for the renewal of the contract, contrary to what has been reported by the Brazilian press. Yes, there are some exchanges of ideas between Flamengo and his agent, namely, what the club would be willing to do to keep Jorge Jesus, the first occurred in the last week of September, when the entourage of Pini Zahavi, his agent, met with the management of the club.

Evidently, the salary will be the first argument to keep the coach and, as Plataforma got the change to know, in the first meetings Fla was willing to pay 4.5 million annually, and in later conversations the representatives of Jorge Jesus learned that the value could reach five million. This means that there is financial margin to negotiate.

However, for now, Jorge Jesus still does not want to make the commitment. First because he hasn't won anything yet. He has a ten-point advantage in the Brasileirão and is in the Libertadores Cup final, which will play against River Plate on November 23, but has not won anything yet.

Then there is the question of the future of Flamengo. If there are already many interested in some key players of the team, with the conquest of the Brasileirão and the Libertadores Cup others may appear. But the truth is that Jorge Jesus, salary apart, also only admits to continue the project with a sports structure able to continue to fight for everything.

Finally there is still the desire of Jorge Jesus to return to Europe to train a big club. And if this proposal really comes, there won't be any money able to hold the coach. And, it should be said, his manager, Pini Zahavi, has long been working to put the coach at a high level in England next season and, truth be told, he was not an apologist for him to accept Flamengo's initial invitation.