FIFA and UEFA might have covered the PSG financial scandal

The French press has published a document released by Football Leaks, which involves PSG, UEFA and FIFA. According to the newspaper "Mediapart", the French club received money illegally, bypassing the financial "FairPlay"

According to a document released by the French newspaper "Mediapart", the Parisian club received illegally 1800 million euros from the government of Qatar, which would have broken UEFA's financial "fairplay" rules, and jeopardized the participation of Neymar, Mbappé and others in the Champions League.

The same document reveals that despite its illegality, FIFA's current president Gianni Infantino validated PSG's contract with the Qatar government in 2012 when he had the role of secretary general of UEFA. Platini, which was president of the European organism at that time, was also informed of the situation.

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