Did Paula give Ronaldo hamburgers? British say no

Did Paula give Ronaldo hamburgers? British say no

Juan Medina/Reuters

Radio found one of the women who supposedly fed the player; journalist who interviewed Ronaldo says it's not her

Paula Leça is a name that practically nobody knew, but that came up this week. All due to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese international gave an interview to the British channel ITV where he revealed that he wanted to meet some people who helped him in his youth, namely three women who gave him food at McDonald's. Rádio Renascença then met Paula Leça, who was working at this establishment at the time and remembers the history of CR7. However, there are those who say that the Portuguese woman is not one of the people Cristiano Ronaldo mentioned, namely ITV journalist Piers Morgan, who interviewed the 34-year-old player.

"She is not one of the three women Ronaldo was talking about. The hunt goes on," wrote Piers Morgan this morning on Twitter, also implying that this "hunt" has already crossed the border, and even in England there are those who seek the restaurant workers the player mentioned.

The Portuguese Paula Leça, however, has once again revealed that she remembers the whole story. She tells the details of Cristiano Ronaldo's trips to McDonald's, along with other colleagues, also pointing out that there were several people helping the now idol of world football.

"I remember Edna, whom Ronaldo was talking about, but also others that helped him. Unfortunately I have not their contact," said Paula Leça, stressing once again that she would like to have dinner with Cristiano Ronaldo and to take some company. "My son has already said he wants to go to the dinner, even if he doesn't have dinner, so as not to spend money," said Paula, who curiously has something in common with CR7: "My family is from Madeira."