Bragantino investment to dominate the South American market in five years

Bragantino investment to dominate the South American market in five years

The Austrian multinational has purchased the club and wants to do apply the Salzburg and Leipzig formula.

Austrian energy drinks brand Red Bull has outlined a plan for the football world: to purchase strategic clubs, focus on youth squads, and boost brand recognition in the short term, This is what happened in Europe, as Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) and Red Bull Leipzig (Germany) show. Now it seems it's Brazil's turn, with the company's plans to create a club called Red Bull Bragantino.

This is not the first time the brand invests in Brazil: in 2007 the company created Red Bull Brazil, but the project was not particularly successful. But he Austrian multinational didn't give up and in April 2019 reached an agreement to purchase Second League club Bragantino. And it was such a serious investment that Bragantino is now the Second League leader - and promotion to Brasileirão (Brazil's First League) is just around the corner.

Bragantino may thus become like other clubs - such as RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig - which started small and are now playing in the Champions League. In any case, that's Red Bull's short-term plan: to see Bragantino fighting for the Libertadores Cup (the South American Champions League) within five years.

Money won't be a problem, as Bragantino already offers better contracts than some top Brasileirão clubs. But the project is supposed to replicate the formula that has been used in other Red Bull clubs: the company's investment will focus on infrastructure and youth squads. There will be money for signing new players, but only if these footballers - young or not - can be sold for a profit at a later stage, as RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig do. In Brazil, however, Red Bull believes sporting success could come even faster, as there will be financial resources to sign the best young players in Brazil, but also the most promising footballers from Argentina, Colombia, and so on.

2020 is thus expected to be the starting point of a success story. Bragantino is very likely to earn its promotion to Brasileirão this year - and that's when the real project kicks off. The first step will be to rename the club and associate the Red Bull brand with Bragantino; then to sign new players to prevent relegation; this will be followed by works in Nabi Abi Chedid stadium and the construction of a training center for the club's youth squads. Five years later, in 2025, Red Bull expects trophies to start pouring in and dominance in South America to become a reality.